Joseph Stan, a Leading Dental Implant Specialist

If you need a dental implant, you may assume you’ll go through a painful and lengthy surgery to get the replacement tooth and you may worry about how it look once it’s been set. However, if Joseph Stan is in charge, you won’t have to worry about any of that! Thanks to his years of training, experience, and superb aesthetic sense, your dental implant will be comfortably fitted to your mouth and will look completely natural. Dr. Stan has performed over 6,000 implant procedures, and is one of the top specialists in dental implants in the United States. Patients come from all over the world just for his dental expertise.

Joseph Stan is here to help ensure you have the best possible implant experience. The highly advanced implants used at Dr. Stan’s office, are permanent, and help you maintain your oral health and smile for years. If you have a tooth that has gone missing, suffered decay, or that you want to replace, dental implants will perfectly, safely, and beautifully replace the tooth. You can even ask about Immediate Loading (Same Day Implants), which are available to many qualifying patients.

Joseph Stan Perfects Your Smile with Dental Implants

When you lose a tooth to an accident or decay, you can lose self-confidence with it. Speaking, chewing, or even smiling can be a daunting prospect. But with a high-quality dental implant, and the expertise of Dr. Stan and his team, you can get a replacement easily, and go back to enjoying your life with a realistic, beautiful implant. Dr. Stan makes sure your dental implant matches your other teeth, so not only will no one be able to tell you have an implant, but your bite will not be disturbed. In fact, many people think Dr. Stan’s implants look better than their previous teeth!

Joseph Stan Offers All Kinds of Dental Implants for All Kinds of Dental Needs

Dental implants can replace one tooth, or you can get a dental bridge if you need multiple teeth replaced. As a leading expert in both cosmetic and implant surgery, Joseph Stan can perfectly replace your original teeth with a dental bridge that matches your jaw line, won’t disturb your ability to eat or speak, and will keep your smile in great shape.

Joseph Stan is here to provide the best dental work possible. If you have dentures, bone loss in your jaw might make the prosthetics slide around in uncomfortable ways. Dr. Stan can prescribe a series of below-gum bone grafts that your dentures will rest on top of. This effective treatment helps your dentures fit better, and gives your jaw better support so you won’t experience discomfort while eating or talking.

Don’t worry if you suffer from fear of the dentist! Oral health is very important, and Dr. Stan and his team want you to get the procedures you need, whether it is a routine cleaning, or dental implants. The team can ease your mind with sedation options, so you are pain-free during the procedure. And, thanks to Dr. Stan’s incredible skill, you’ll walk out pain-free with a beautiful smile!

Contact us today to get the beautiful, healthy smile you’ve dreamt of!