Joseph Stan’s World-Class Approach to Dentistry

Joseph Stan has been a dental specialist for more than two decades. His training focused on Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dentistry, and he has performed over 6,000 implants using a variety of top-quality systems, such as Nobel Biocare, Da Vinci Dental Specials, Camlog, AB implants, MIS, Biohorizon, Astra, Strauman and more. He knows that a combination of restorative dentistry to correct and heal the mouth, with aesthetic dentistry to make the teeth gleam, makes for an optimal smile.

Dr. Stan knows that superficial corrections to teeth are not enough. It is not just about how teeth look, but about the underlying integrity of the roots, gums, and jaw. Your overall health can be affected by problems in the teeth and gums, and when those underlying issues are corrected, you don’t just look great, but you feel great, too.

With this overall philosophy, Joseph Stan takes both a practical and a structured approach to helping you get the right dental solution. At your very first visit, Dr. Stan will listen to your needs and wants, then come up with a comprehensive treatment plan that heals your mouth, and corrects cosmetic problems like stains, chipped teeth, or gaps. Dr. Stan knows that there is a dental solution for you, no matter what level of care you require. Let your brilliant personality shine through your brilliant smile.

Joseph Stan provides the highest quality cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry, with a particular focus on full mouth rehabilitation procedures, using the latest technology and his detailed understanding of both the science and art of the practice. Because of his wide range of understanding about a difficult medical field, patients come from all over the world to get his expertise in revitalizing their oral health.

At his practice, Dr. Stan can work with patients who have partial or even total endentulism – the absence of teeth – which resulted from accidents, illness, age, or decay. Correcting any underlying issues helps prevent further tooth loss, and ensures that implants, bridges, veneers, and caps remain in excellent shape for years. Unless these causes are understood, even replacements will wear out faster, and even cause pain. Thanks to Joseph Stan’s extensive training, he can correct major issues and restore his patient’s oral health, and their self-esteem.  

Dr. Stan also knows that it is important for patients to get on with their lives as soon as possible. By carefully planning each case, he reduces the time spent in each appointment. For patients with dental phobia – which is over 40 million adults in the US! – Dr. Stan also works with them to develop a sedation plan that helps reassure the patient they will feel no pain, and, for longer procedures, do not have to be awake. In fact, in 1994, he became one of the first dentists to offer IV sedation and oral sedation dentistry. His patients can feel comfortable knowing their experience of the procedure will be only a few minutes, even for the most complex reconstructions.

For world-class dentistry, Joseph Stan should be your first choice. Contact our office today to see how we can give you the smile you’ve always wanted.