Joseph Stan Expertly Implants Porcelain Crowns

Joseph Stan specializes in porcelain crowns, and that’s a very good thing. A dental crown is a cap for your teeth that helps protect the underlying structure, improves the outward appearance, and restores strength of that area of teeth. They fully encase the visible portion of the tooth. Dental crowns are applied for many reasons, from protecting an extensive filling, to simply making teeth look better.

Joseph Stan uses only all-ceramic, non-metal crowns from da Vinci. These high quality porcelain crowns give the most natural look, as well as the most permanent tooth replacement. Dr. Stan’s skills will maintain the original shape of your tooth so that your jaw will remain aligned properly and your bite will not change. And, unlike what can happen with metal or partially-metal dental crowns, your gum line will not turn black! Porcelain is indistinguishable from healthy, white enamel.

Joseph Stan Uses Only the Best Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain crowns have been used for decades, and are a proven dental technology. Highly-trained dentists like Joseph Stan use the best quality crowns to help patients like you achieve the most natural look, and improve the structure of the teeth. Porcelain crowns look like real, healthy teeth, and improve oral health while also improving your smile. They are used to fix gaps, tooth decay, stained teeth, and more.

When Joseph Stan works with you, he will match your tooth color and translucency to the porcelain crown he uses. The all-ceramic construction means that gums won’t recede or change color like they commonly do on metal crowns. They will look just like your other beautiful teeth, so no one can tell that you have a porcelain crown at all!

Joseph Stan Knows the Procedure to Perfectly Fit Your Porcelain Crown

Joseph Stan has years of experience working in both cosmetic and implant dentistry, so he can safely, easily, and perfectly fit your new porcelain crown to your mouth. He will carefully shave away only as much of the existing tooth as necessary. Then, he will take a mold of your tooth to make sure the crown fits your bite and your jaw without fail. Once the crown has been molded, Dr. Stan fastens the implant with a high-quality binding agent. After you leave Dr. Stan’s office, you will be able to eat just like you normally would – but with a beautiful, natural-looking new tooth!

If you need a crown, porcelain offers the best option for long-lasting strength, permanence, and beauty. The natural look will keep you happy with your smile for years to come. Give us a call to set up a Smile Makeover consultation. We will work with you to develop a treatment plan tailored to your unique needs, and get your smile looking its best.